Puppy Training (0-9 months)

Getting started on your puppies training as young as possible will make a world of difference in all of your further training. The packages set out below will jump start your training process and get your fur-baby moving in the right direction from the start! It is so much easier to prevent problems than to fix them after they have started! 

Single Session

If you are not interested in committing to a training package, you have the option of single sessions. 

Duration: 1 x 1 hour 10 minute session

Price: $160.00

Puppy Training Packages:

Each package comes with a set number of in-home visits to personally show you how to train your puppy to get them reliably performing the commands. Additional sessions are available for purchase if you wish to advance the level of the skills involved. Please note that the commands listed include general examples and we can focus on whatever commands and issues are the most important to you!

Package #1 - Good Puppy

Recommended for those who plan on having their puppy outside, but want them to know some key, basic, commands. You will also gain a wealth of knowledge on how the dog brain is wired so you can have a greater insight into what they are thinking, should you progress with your training.

Commands: Sit, Drop and Loose-Lead-Walking.
                  + overall knowledge on dog behaviour and training

Duration: 5 x 70 minute session

Price: $750.00 

Package # 2 - Better Puppy

Recommended for those who those who keep their puppy inside and need them to have in home manners such as being house trained, or to stop them chewing on everything! This package will provide a solid base to build upon in teaching your pup manners, and give you the confidence to venture into many more situations. You will also learn a great deal about how to train well beyond the scope of the commands listed.

Commands: Sit, Drop, loose-lead walking

                  + Come when called, potty training, no chewing, crate training.
                  + overall knowledge on dog behaviour and training

Duration: 10 x 70 minute sessions

Price: $1300.00 

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