In-home Obedience

  At Master and Hound, the goal for obedience is not to win awards, or to have the perfect heeling position. There is no grading system to for you to follow to get your dog to the next level. I find these systems to have little positive value since we tend to move too quickly and and disregard the most important part of training, the initial learning stages. Dogs learn at different speeds and require patients in the initial stages of learning. I am confident that no matter what breed, and no matter how 'stubborn' or 'dumb' you think your dog is, it most certainly CAN learn basic obedience. All you need are the right techniques to teach your dog the pathways to success. 

Single Session

If you are not interested in committing to a training package, you have the option of single sessions.  

Duration: 1 x 70 minute session

Price: $160.00

In-Home Obedience Packages:

Each package comes with a set number of in-home visits to personally show you how to train your dog to get them reliably performing the commands. Additional sessions are available for purchase if you wish to advance the level of the skills involved. Please note that the commands listed include general examples and we can focus on whatever commands and issues are the most important to you!

Package # 1 - Standard Skills

Recommended for those who those who require a more obedient dog in more situations. If you keep your dog inside and need them to have in home manners and/or you plan on taking them to off-lead parks, etc., this package will teach your dog manners and give you the confidence to venture into many more situations. 

Commands: Sit, Drop, loose-lead walking

                  + Come when called, Heel, no begging, lay on a dog bed.
                  + overall knowledge on dog behaviour and training

Duration: 5 x 70 minute sessions

Price: $750.00 

Package # 2 - intermediate skills

Recommended for those who those who want more than just a well behaved dog. If you can imagine your dog dinging a bell to go outside, coming when called (every time), dropping while in the middle of chasing a ball (or a car, a bike, a child, etc), bringing you their lead to go for a walk, etc., then this is the plan for you. 

Commands: Sit, Drop, loose-lead-walk
                   + Come when called, Heel, no begging, lay on a dog bed,
                   + overall knowledge on dog behaviour and training  
                   + Taking skills to an intermediate/advanced level.
Duration: 10 x 70 minute sessions

Price: $1300.00 

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