If it could be summed up in one word, it would be BALANCED. The National Dog Trainers Federation teaches a balanced approach to training. We teach our dogs what we expect and reward for meeting our expectations. We also introduce things the dog doesn't want, (i.e. timeout, withhold reward, check on collar, stimulation with e-collar, etc.) for deliberately disobeying a KNOWN command. The key to all of this is to set up the training to create the highest chance of success for the dog trough structured learning exercises. If the dog fails to complete an exercise more than a few times in a row, there is something wrong with the exercise, not the dog.

We want our dogs feeling empowered over their environment, knowing that their actions have an influence on what is happening around them. This creates a stable, happy, and stress free world for our dogs to live in. We all love our dogs like they are part of our family and must learn how they think in order to coexist harmoniously.

Always having had dogs, cats, horses, raccoons, rabbits, and a multitude of other animals around growing up, I have always loved them all. If it breaths, I probably hold a special place in my heart for it! In saying that, dogs are my favourite. There is just something calming about a dog lying at your feet chewing a bone, something uplifting when they insist on giving you kisses after your hard day at work, and something motivating about getting out for a bit of exercise with your furry best mate. 

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A little About Me

Master and hound, in home training, dog training, ndtf, dog trainer, puppy training

Graduated from the National Dog Trainers Federation Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training. Through the Course I was able to train with and learn from two of the best trainers in the industry, under Boyd Hooper at TASK9 (Tactical and Specialist K9), and Claude Bertoni of K9-IQ. Both of which have a wealth of knowledge and 50 years plus experience between them. They have been pivotal in my learning and I thank them immensely for that.                                 

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Master and Hound Training Philosophy